Microsoft warns India SMBs which use old PCs and OS

Microsoft said small and medium businesses (SMBs) in India can experience more than double productivity loss if they are using PCs that are more than four years old and running old operating systems as compared to new PCs.
Old PCs expose organizations to security vulnerabilities and IT threats. Nearly 43 percent SMBs own PCs that are more than four years old and are running older operating systems, according to the latest Microsoft study in partnership with SMB IT market research and analyst firm TechAisle.

The survey of almost 2,000 SMBs across Asia Pacific indicates that SMBs that have already embraced modern workplace strategy have experienced higher productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced security. 95 percent of the SMBs agreed that adopting new PCs has reduced overall maintenance costs and 83 percent of them has seen higher productivity benefits.

“Technology can be a real enabler for businesses, both small and large, and SMBs need to recognise the value that IT investment can bring to their present and future growth,” Farhana Haque, group director – Devices, Microsoft India said.

The delay in investment in new technology infrastructure across business functions was due to factors such as perceived app incompatibility and high costs associated with acquiring and maintaining new IT hardware and software.

Nearly two-thirds of SMBs surveyed (66 percent) said they did not have a PC refresh policy nor were they actively pursuing it.

There is a 3.8 times higher chance of old PCs requiring repairs, which can result in at least 132 hours’ worth of productive time lost.

The Microsoft-sponsored study said cloud adoption and Windows-as-a-Service will assist SMBs to enhance productivity. They can refresh their older PCs as Windows-as-a-Service provides security patches and regular OS updates for optimized use.

Microsoft Windows 10 will address concerns over app compatibility. Microsoft will stop the support for Windows 7.

Microsoft warns that SMBs will have to make their shift towards newer PCs and operating systems as users will no longer receive security updates or support for PCs running on Windows 7. This includes new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, and online technical content updates, Microsoft said on Monday.

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