Micron Crucial DDR5 desktop PC memory products available for PC users

Micron Technology revealed the availability of Micron Crucial DDR5 desktop PC memory products that deliver up to 50 percent faster data transfer speeds for PC users.
Micron Crucial DDR5 desktop PC memory productMicron’s DDR5 memory technology advancements offer higher bandwidth per core, nearly doubling the effective memory bandwidth8 to provide multi-core CPUs with the data they need for multi-tasking and other demanding PC applications.

“Micron has been at the forefront of defining the PC industry’s DDR5 specifications, leading the charge for this groundbreaking technology and enabling the industry’s transition by offering the DDR5 Technology Enablement Program (TEP),” said Malcolm Humphrey, vice president and general manager of Micron’s Compute DRAM Product organization.

DDR5 allows for better power efficiency, decreasing operating voltage to 1.1 volts. Plus, its features enable future chip density to grow from today’s 16Gb up to 24Gb, 32Gb and beyond, quadrupling the module density of DDR5 over DDR4 DRAM.

DDR5 enhances performance for emerging PC applications such as 4K and 8K content creation, interactive entertainment, personal and business productivity, and virtual reality experiences. By feeding multi-core CPUs, DDR5 memory also helps make multitasking more efficient without bogging down system performance.

The new Micron Crucial DDR5 memory has been validated and is compatible with 12th Gen Intel Core processors that support DDR5, along with many of the major DDR5 compatible desktop motherboards currently available. Micron Crucial DDR5 DRAM features predefined XMP profiles to enable users to easily recover memory performance up to JEDEC speeds, in the event of a system-level memory speed downclock.

Micron Crucial DDR5 memory products in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB densities are available on crucial.com and worldwide from leading retail and e-tail stores, commercial resellers and system integrators, enhancing system performance and user productivity on every continent.

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