India PC market dips 11.7% after eight quarters of growth: IDC

The size of the India PC market — inclusive of desktops, notebooks, and workstations — fell 11.7 percent in Q3 2022 (July-September) to 3.9 million units — after eight consecutive quarters of growth, according to IDC report.
India PC market Q3 2022 IDC report
All segments fell except the government, which grew 91.5 percent as government orders materialized, leading to strong growth for the third consecutive quarter.

Desktop business grew by 23.4 percent. Workstation business rose 17.6 percent. The notebook business declined 19.5 percent. The demand for notebooks has softened across segments, forcing vendors to clear inventory.

The consumer PC business shipped 2.1 million units (–10.9 percent) with online sales helping in picking up momentum at the end of September.

The commercial PC business fell 12.5 percent due to a delay in enterprise orders as well as muted SME sentiment.

Demand for premium notebooks (>US$1,000) declined 28.5 percent in the commercial segment. Demand for premium consumer notebooks grew by 9.8 percent.

The strong performance by Apple and good traction for ASUS’ gaming notebooks were the key drivers.

HP shipped over 940,000 units to lead the PC market with a share of 23.9 percent in 3Q22. Its consumer share dipped to 22.1 percent and commercial share dipped to 25.9 percent as it focused on inventory corrections, but it continued to lead both segments.

Lenovo overtook Dell for the second position with a strong showing in the consumer segment where it continued to hold its second position with a share of 18.8 percent thanks to online sales. In a quarter of softening SME procurement, Lenovo led the segment with a share of 32 percent.

Dell Technologies slipped to the third position as it lost momentum in the consumer PC segment as it decided to stay away from online sales. But Dell stood at a close second behind HP in the commercial segment with a share of 25.3 percent.

Acer Group, which a share of 10.9 percent, has witnessed strong traction in the commercial segment as it grew by 28.2 percent there. Acer led the commercial desktop category with a share of 31.3 percent, driven by fulfillment of several enterprise and government orders plus good traction in GeM space (Government eMarketplace) for its commercial desktops.

ASUS has increased its share to 9.9 percent from 8.5 percent in 3Q21. ASUS was third in the consumer segment with a share of 18.2 percent, marginally behind Lenovo. In the consumer notebook category, ASUS managed to hold the second position behind HP and ahead of Lenovo with a share of 20.6 percent.

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