Google Introduces ChromeOS Flex to Extend Lifespan of Windows Devices

Google has unveiled ChromeOS Flex, a solution enabling businesses to install an auto-updating version of the Chrome operating system on Windows devices, Reuters news report said.
Computer userThe initiative, announced by parent company Alphabet, aims to address the impending end of support for Windows 10 by Microsoft next year.

Google said ChromeOS Flex will offer security updates and features like data encryption, allowing PC users to continue utilizing their Windows 10 systems seamlessly. This move comes as Microsoft has announced that support for Windows 10 will cease on October 14, 2025, meaning users will no longer receive security updates, bug fixes, or technical support. Microsoft has advised customers to transition to Windows 11 or explore alternative options.

Microsoft website says upgrading to Windows 11 is free. But only Windows 10 PCs that are running the most current version of Windows 10 and meet the minimum hardware specifications will be able to upgrade, Microsoft warns. The price for buying a Windows 11 is $199. There are several attractive options to reduce the cost.

A report from Canalys Research suggests that the termination of Windows 10 support could result in approximately 240 million PCs being discarded, as demand for devices lacking security updates is expected to dwindle. However, many Windows 10 PCs could remain functional for years post-OS support expiration.

While ChromeOS holds a modest 1.8 percent share of the global desktop OS market as of January 2024, significantly lower than Windows’ dominant 73 percent, according to Statcounter data, Google aims to bridge this gap by enabling users to stream legacy Windows applications and productivity suites. This approach allows for the delivery of these applications to devices by running them on a data center, expanding the versatility of ChromeOS.

Despite its lesser popularity, ChromeOS has faced challenges in wider adoption due to its incompatibility with legacy Windows applications and productivity suites commonly used by businesses. With ChromeOS Flex, Google seeks to offer a sustainable solution that extends the lifespan of Windows devices while providing users with access to essential applications through innovative streaming capabilities.

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