Fujitsu unveils ScanSnap SV600 to scan documents and thin objects

Infotech Lead Middle East: Fujitsu has unveiled new scanner ScanSnap SV600  that can be used to digitize a variety of items including notebooks, newspapers, A3 size documents, fragile originals, business cards and objects up to 3 cm thick.

In addition to its ability to scan the above, the scanner produces high quality images of curved objects.

Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 is now available at Fujitsu sales partners. The recommended retail price is 908 USD plus VAT.

“The Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 opens up a new world of possibilities to our customers. The number of applications is limited only by a user’s imagination”, says Sofie Dheedene, ScanSnap product manager, at PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Ltd. “Whether on an office desk, in a copy shop or at a hotel reception, the newest member of the ScanSnap family makes it quick and easy to digitise all kinds of documents.”

Fujitsu unveils ScanSnap SV600

In ScanSnap SV600 the originals lie face up – in contrast to a flatbed scanner or copier, so users can see the document while scanning, thus making it easier to avoid crooked, folded or covered pages.

Fujitsu has designed two functions for digitizing bound originals and magazines to enhance scan quality:

Book Image Correction automatically eliminates the distortions that occur when scanning an open book or a magazine.

Page Turning Detection makes for uninterrupted and efficient scanning. If desired, the scanner will continue automatically once a page has been turned.

The new Rack2-Filer Smart “Easy Book Creation” function allows users to form scanned pages into an e-book or virtual magazine. The Rack2-Filer library may also be stored in either Dropbox or in a network so that co-workers, colleagues and eligible business partners can access documents at their convenience.

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