Eaton launches 9E UPS for mission-critical applications

Eaton 9E uninterruptible power system

Infotech Lead India: Eaton Corporation has launched the Eaton 9E uninterruptible power system (UPS), a backup power device designed for mission-critical applications.

The 9E’s compact footprint tower configuration delivers superior power protection for expanding loads in mission-critical applications while operating at up to 98 percent efficiency.  

The 9E’s physical footprint is up to 35 percent smaller than competing models, which allows better space utilisation for revenue-producing equipment and materials, in turn, saving costs to build, protect, insure, heat and cool the small-to-medium-sized data centres as well as applications for healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunication and banking.

“Eaton understands the challenge of increasing load in these applications and the need for robust power backup with high efficiency and small footprint. 9E is designed to deliver high energy efficiency and reliability in a compact size to support applications desiring unswerving power protection,” said Anoop Nanda, managing director – South Asia, Southeast Asia & Japan, Electrical Sector, Eaton Corporation.

The UPSs transformer-free design and sophisticated sensing and control circuitry helps to achieve up to 98% efficiency rating and provide maximum load protection in its advanced High Efficiency mode. It provides surge suppression for the load, detects the location of faults and takes appropriate action. 9E switches to double-conversion operation in less than 4 milliseconds.

Its energy efficient design reduces utility cost, extends battery run time and ensures cooler operating conditions.

9E has a large LCD that graphically displays the status of the UPS and offers easy access to measurements, controls and settings. Its 600 mm wide UPS cabinet enables seamless “in-row” integrations with IT racks.

The 9E is quickly serviced to provide the highest level of availability with Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) <30 minutes. With its easy capacity test feature the 9E can test its entire power train under full load stress without the requirement of an external load.

9E encompasses Eaton’s award-winning Intelligent Power Software Suite that incorporates two important applications for ensuring quality power and uptime: monitoring and management of power devices across the network combined with automatic shutdown when faced with an extended power outage.


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