Dell makes commercial PCs secure with BIOS verification

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Dell said it has made commercial PCs most secure with new BIOS verification and advanced threat protection technology.

These technologies allow customers to ensure that their device remains free from malware during the boot process.

The post-boot BIOS verification solution will be integrated on Dell commercial PCs with the purchase of the Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise license.

“The growing complexity of BIOS-specific attacks, and with new malware variants possessing the ability to reinstall themselves within the BIOS, organizations need a more sophisticated way to know that their systems have not been compromised,” said Brett Hansen, the company’s Executive Director, Data Security Solutions.

The new BIOS verification functionality uses a secure cloud environment to compare and test an individual BIOS image against the official measurements held in the company’s BIOS lab.

By conducting this test in an off-device environment, users can be assured that the post-boot image is not compromised as the testing takes place in a secure cloud platform and not on a potentially infected device.

The BIOS verification feature will initially be available on Dell’s range of commercial PCs with a 6th Generation Intel chipset. At the same time, the Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise is the only endpoint security suite available today that integrates Cylance technology.

The Cylance technology  employs artificial intelligence to protect against the execution of advanced persistent threats and malware including zero day attacks, and targeted attacks such as spear phishing and ransomware.

Dell said the latest offering is now available for both Dell commercial PCs and as a security solution across heterogeneous IT environments.

“The general availability of Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise is a huge advantage for Dell customers,” said Ray Barth, Manager of Network Operations, Citation Oil & Gas.

Barth noted that after implementing Cylance, Citation Oil & Gas realized significant benefits in accuracy, visibility, and control. Incidents that have required support staff to put hands on a device have dropped to zero and dormant malware previously undiscovered has been blocked.

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