Dell India challenges rivals with new computing devices

Dell, the third largest PC-maker in the world in terms of market share and the top seller in India, says it plans to bring world class products here at lesser price than its rivals.

“All markets are price sensitive, but we at Dell will focus on bringing world class products with more utility at a much lesser value compared to our rivals,” the Taipei-based vice president of consumer product marketing Ray Wah told IANS after the company launched several products here.

He gave the example of XPS 13, a high-end laptop which was made available in India on Wednesday at around Rs 70,000.

Wah said the company will continue to innovate. “Dell will focus on innovating its products across all form factors and price bands so that the company delivers better value products suited to its customers.”

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Dell on Wednesday launched various laptops, including an all-in-one pc (a monitor with all peripherals included), and a tablet in India. The company had ranked top in India in terms of shipments and sale of PCs, notebooks and workstations in the fourth quarter (October-December 2014), according to market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC).

The PC-maker had earlier made it clear that it wants to roll out laptops and desktops as quickly as possible so the ‘back-to-school buyers’ can get hold of the new OS, Windows 10. The ‘Back-to-school’ campaign is Dell’s strategy to sell more laptops in the Indian market, especially to students.

When asked about the chain reaction of Apple’s new software launches in the market, Wah said that Dell was more focused in delivering a more enhanced experience through its products with the help of Windows 10.

“Dell will ship its first PCs pre-loaded with Windows 10 on July 29. Our commitment is to prepare products in such a way that user experience with the new OS becomes seamless and easy. The return of the Start menu, biometric authentication and the Edge browser will make PC usage fun,” he said.

On the global front, Lenovo continues to steam ahead in the PC segment with HP and Dell following closely behind. “We have been growing constantly through nine consecutive quarters as per IDC,” Wah said, adding that Dell would always focus on customers rather than on competition.

Anirban Ghoshal / IANS

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