BlueAnt Wireless launches Ribbon stereo Bluetooth streamer

Infotech Lead America: BlueAnt Wireless has launched the Ribbon, a stereo Bluetooth streamer featuring a unique “twist and go” design.

Users can wear the Ribbon on their clothing and stream stereo music from their phone while relaxing, working out or commuting. It also provides great value for owners of iPhone speaker docks as there is rumor that the new iPhone 5 will not support the connector pins on these docks. Ribbon enables wireless streaming to an iPhone speaker dock or stereo Hi-Fi.

The Ribbon is able to sync with a phone with the touch of one button. Users can also make or take calls with the intuitive controls. Using the supplied cable, users simply plug the Ribbon into the 3.5 mm speaker jack to turn non-Bluetooth speakers into a Bluetooth playback system. Playback can then be controlled from the phone for effortless music streaming in the home.

“Not only does it offer a convenient, twist-and-go design for wearing on any t-shirt, collar or jacket – it also provides great sound and call functionality,” said BlueAnt founder Taisen Maddern. “And with the rumored changes to the iPhone, we believe this product will be an outstanding solution to anyone who has purchased a stereo docking station over the last five to seven years.”

The Ribbon is also valuable for in-car use as well, enabling the play back of music from the phone through the car stereo. Users simply plug the unit in via the supplied AUX cable to the car’s AUX port.

The Bluetooth accessory comes with play, pause and track control, near-CD-quality sound with APT-X audio streaming, supplied earphones and access to Siri/Google Voice Actions with a double tap on gadgets that support respective software.

Ribbon can receive streaming audio from a phone for music or GPS applications. It delivers six hours of play time.

The Ribbon will be available online and in stores nationwide in October 2012 at an MSRP of $69.99.

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