AMD in pact with Mentor Graphics to expand open-source embedded Linux development

AMD has signed a multi-year agreement with Mentor Graphics to expand the availability of open-source embedded Linux development for heterogeneous and multi-core processors from AMD.

The agreement will provide embedded developers with more supported processor options, robust development tools, and greater speed in open platform development.

Mentor Graphics  Embedded Software Division enables embedded development for a variety of applications including automotive, industrial, smart energy, medical devices, and consumer electronics.


Embedded developers can create systems with the latest processors and micro-controllers with commercially supported and customizable Linux-based solutions including the industry-leading Sourcery CodeBench and Mentor Embedded Linux  products.

As a Yocto Project compatible product, Mentor Embedded Linux will now bring standardized features and tools, and ensure quick access to the latest Board Support Packages (BSPs) for AMD 64-bit x86 architecture beginning with the upcoming AMD Embedded G-Series SoC codenamed “Steppe Eagle”) and AMD Embedded R-Series APU/CPU codenamed “Bald Eagle.”

Embedded systems developers will have access to the Mentor Embedded Linux development platform for customized embedded Linux development and commercial support, as well as a no-cost Mentor Embedded Linux Lite derivative providing all the essentials to evaluate Linux on AMD embedded processors.

They will also have access to Sourcery CodeBench for greater insight into system execution, performance and debugging applications in Linux-based embedded systems. The partnership also gives them access to customized embedded Linux development products including Mentor Embedded Linux Lite, Mentor Embedded Linux and Sourcery CodeBench Lite.

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