AMD announces new two mobile APUs, claims better performance than Intel

AMD today announced its 3rd-generation two new mobile APUs called Mainstream and Low-Power Mobile APUs. The chip vendor claims that the new APUs are better than Intel.

Lenovo and Samsung have already announced new devices on AMD mobile chips. Other device vendors will be adding more products before the American school season.

The new 2014 AMD Mainstream and Low-Power Mobile APUs are designed for consumer and commercial mobile devices including fanless tablets to 2-in-1s like detachable and convertible notebooks, to small-screen and ultrathin laptops.

AMD announces new two mobile APUs

They feature up to four x86 Puma+ CPU cores and AMD Radeon R Series graphics based on Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture.

2014 AMD Mainstream APUs

2014 AMD Mainstream APUs offers up to 100 percent better graphics performance over the previous generation (Kabini). In addition, it provides up to 20 percent power reduction versus the previous generation (Kabini). Also, you can experience increased memory support from the previous generation to DDR3-1866.

There will be up to 50 percent better graphics performance and up to 7x the compute performance1 versus Intel Pentium (Haswell U).

AMD new APUs offers up to 3x the graphics performance and over 35 percent better system performance8 than Intel Pentium (Bay Trail M).

2014 AMD Low-Power APUs

Users can benefit from over 2x the graphics performance-per-watt and nearly 2x the productivity performance-per-watt10 versus the previous generation (Temash)

It offers better graphics performance than Intel Core i311

In addition, you can experience three times the compute performance of Intel’s Atom processor.

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