UK data center provider C4L installs 100,000th Dell EqualLogic storage array

Infotech Lead Europe: Connexions4London (C4L), a UK data center and connectivity solution provider, has installed the 100,000th Dell EqualLogic storage array.

C4L has added new Dell EqualLogic PS6100 storage arrays to its existing storage infrastructure. The UK-based data center provider aggregates performance and capacity across multiple generations of EqualLogic arrays with its peer-scaling capabilities, integrating and managing new arrays along with those first acquired in January 2010.


C4L uses its EqualLogic storage to host customer data in more than 40 data center locations.

“Our industry is fast-moving and competitive, so we have to be responsive and adaptable to change,” said Andrew Sturmey, solutions architect at C4L. “EqualLogic met our expectations from day one. It’s easy to configure and install – initially taking around an hour – and it deploys with every feature we need to manage data services for our customers, and seamlessly scales performance and capacity with ease every time we need to expand as our business grows.”

Dell EqualLogic’s peer scaling architecture and its all-inclusive software licensing model, which provides customers with all available new and upgraded array software at no additional cost, offers low total cost of storage ownership.

According to analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group, EqualLogic arrays have the lowest total cost of ownership over a five-year period, costing up to 47 percent less in smaller deployments and up to 55 percent less in larger deployments2 than comparable offerings.

“We offer our EqualLogic customers an ownership experience that delivers enterprise storage with everyday simplicity, from installation and administration to integration and expansion across many generations of hardware,” said Travis Vigil, executive director of Dell Storage.

Meanwhile, the University of Connecticut School of Business has built a virtual desktop infrastructure  by deploying Dell Virtual Lab using Dell EqualLogic storage arrays and Dell PowerEdge blade servers to provide a flexible IT backbone to run demanding applications in a VDI environment.

The flexible infrastructure enables the university to save an estimated 30 to 40 percent on desktop hardware, resulting in approximately $318,000 projected CAPEX reduction for its School of Business computer labs over five years.

“We’ve been able to grow our environment as our customer base grows by using highly scalable Dell EqualLogic storage,” said Donald Wilkins, IT director of Navicure. “We have one of almost every model that EqualLogic has ever produced, and they’re all running side-by-side. Two of us manage 34 arrays in just a few hours a week.”

“With Dell’s enterprise technology, including EqualLogic storage arrays, PowerEdge servers and Force10 switches, we can support up to 1600 users and roll out a new server in minutes rather than days,” said Tony Beardsley, group service delivery manager at Associated British Ports.

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