Swrve opens data center in Europe

Swrve, a provider of mobile marketing automation, has opened its European Data Center, to address regulatory issues.

Swrve did not share the name of the country, where the company opened the data center.

The European Data Center will allow Swrve customers to retain all mobile data within the European Union and eliminate the potential legal and regulatory risks associated with transferring personal data of European app users overseas.

Swrve opened a local data center to ensure customers that their app user data can be stored and used in full compliance with EU Data Protection laws.

Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve, said: “The outcome of pending litigation could spell disaster for mobile marketers storing data from European users in the U.S. if ‘Safe Harbor’ status is rescinded. Our customers have voiced their concern, and the European Data Center is the solution that will legally protect them from risks associated with transferring data overseas.”

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