Siemens opens CoC in Mumbai targeting data centers in Asia Pacific

Enterprise IT vendor Siemens has opened its Centre of Competence (CoC) in Mumbai, India, targeting the data centers in the Asia Pacific region.

Philip Krause, head of Data center CoC, Asia Pacific, said Siemens customers will benefit from low operating costs and the CoC will drive the growth of Siemens products and solutions for customers in data center vertical covering 10 countries across Asia Pacific region.

Siemens is seeing big opportunities for its data center market products in India because data stored doubles every 18 months, with demand on supporting infrastructures rising in equal measure. In order to ensure better processing, storing and protecting data, data center needs high-performance systems to manage building infrastructures and technology.

Siemens India CoC in Mumbai event

Siemens offers products and solutions for integrated power system. For the Data center facilities, the offering covers energy management systems, data center management solutions, fire safety solutions (detection, evacuation, and extinguishing) and security solutions (access control, Intrusion detection, perimeter control etc).

In addition, Siemens also partners with customers to offer consulting, planning, designing and site selection, to engineering, commissioning, full documentation, training, maintenance and expansion planning for data centers.

In pix: Philip Krause, head Of Data centre of competence, Asia Pacific, Siemens,  Varoon Raghavan, AVP of Tata Communications,  Stephen Worn – CTO & CEO of North America Datacenter Dynamics.

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