Rackspace unveils new UK data center in Crawley

Rackspace has unveiled its new UK data center in Crawley, West Sussex.

The 130,000 square foot data center will help to meet the demand for managed cloud services in the UK and Europe.

Delivering outstanding Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.151 compared to the average data center today rating of 1.72, and with a design BREEAM assessment certification of ‘Excellent’, it is one of the UK’s greenest data centers.

Rackspace has reduced the overhead energy required to operate the data center by almost 80 percent.

The Crawley data center is designed to maximize compatibility to and compliance with Open Compute Project standards. By using Open Compute Project designs, Rackspace can realize outstanding scalability and energy efficiency opportunities in the hardware it deploys. The data center delivers less weight, less waste and less wattage than traditional server designs.

Mark Roenigk, COO, Rackspace, said: “This is our tenth global data center and this expansion will enable us to grow with our customers for many years to come.”

The new data center, which is the size of two football fields and holds up to 50,000 physical servers, occupies a 15 acre site. The initial build was constructed in 15 months and took approximately 500,000 man hours.

It provides 6MW capacity across two data suites, and will eventually comprise of four data suites with a total 12MW capacity. The site allows for further expansion up to 30MW, and a staggered build approach maximizes year-on-year advances in technology and efficiency gains.

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