Photobucket selects Hitachi Data Systems as cloud provider

Photobucket, a photo and image hosting service provider, has selected Hitachi Data Systems as the cloud provider for its photo and image-hosting application.

Hitachi Data Systems will offer a cost-effective cloud solution to meet the capacity growth needs and will assist the company to move from aging network attached storage (NAS) infrastructure to object-based interfaces to Photobucket, which has 54 million unique visitors per month.

The company said that Hitachi Content Platform provides scale via open interfaces, including REST, Amazon S3, and Openstack Swift.

HDS and its partner Trace3 have reduced the integration process from application connectivity verification and support and tuning of Photobucket’s main revenue-generating application through to the Hitachi Cloud Services infrastructure.

As per the Cloud deal, Hitachi Data Systems provided integration services such as trial accounts that verify application connectivity, support and tuning of Photobucket’s key application, and Hitachi Cloud Services infrastructure.


This solution has increased security and data integrity that is provided by the cloud service and platform and offers Photobucket the ability to transform from an infrastructure business to focus on their revenue-generating core application business.

Photobucket will benefit from predictable costs that are based on actual pay-as-you-grow consumption. There is no oversubscription of storage, and there are no unpredictable charges from per-request fees.

Within the first year, HDS anticipates over 8PB of customer photo and image objects will be ingested, followed by over 1PB year-over-year growth.

Michael Clark, CTO of Photobucket, said: “We needed to find a cloud service solution that would support our substantial growth plans for 2015 and beyond. The relationship HDS provides and the financial structure made the most sense for this critical part of our business.”

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]

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