Nautical Control Solutions taps Data Foundry Texas data center

Nautical Control Solutions (NCS), a provider of marine fuel management solutions, has selected Data Foundry to house its servers and networking equipment in its data center in Austin, Texas.

FuelTrax, a NCS fuel management system compatible with marine vessels, engines and marine fuels, monitors fuel consumption and links burn rate to GPS location and time. The data is sent to the bridge where the crew can make real time throttle adjustments to minimize fuel usage. All data is sent every 15 minutes via low orbit Internet satellite to the FuelTrax’ FuelNet shore-side Web portal at Texas 1.

Anthony George, CEO of NCS, said: “We store data generated by Fueltrax for our customers so they can track trends over time. So, it is critical the data is housed in an ultra-secure facility. That is why we chose Data Foundry as our colocation partner.”

Data Foundry’s Texas 1 data center in Austin with 250,000 SF is powered by two substations and connected to 17 of the largest network carriers, Texas 1 is one of the most redundant, connected, and secure data centers in Texas.

Based in the Houston area, NCS decided to migrate its server infrastructure from a local site to Texas 1 to ensure the best in security and reliability.

FuelNet portal enables the shore-side customer fleet management team to access information and custom reports with Internet access. They can view activities and performance metrics, historically or in real time. They can do vessel-to-vessel, crew-to-crew, and engine to-engine performance comparisons and analytics.

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