Infinera supports Blackboard to interconnect 3 U.S. datacenters

Blackboard, an education technology company, has deployed Infinera Cloud Xpress to interconnect three U.S. datacenters to better deliver online education services.

Infinera, a provider of Intelligent Transport Networks, said Blackboard selected the Cloud Xpress for its density, operational simplicity and low power consumption.

Blackboard has selected Infinera’s Cloud Xpress and Instant Bandwidth solution as part of the data center networking deal. The education technology company can now scale bandwidth in 100 gigabits per second (Gb/s) increments without changes in hardware.

“The tremendous growth in bandwidth is impacting every part of the datacenter ecosystem,” said Stu Elby, senior vice president, Cloud network strategy and technology, Infinera.

Infinera’s Cloud Xpress enables Blackboard to deliver online educational services to learners and the institutions that serve them, by providing up to one terabit per second (Tb/s) of input and output capacity in two rack units (RU).


Cloud Xpress includes a single fiber to deliver a 500 Gb/s capacity, a photonic integrated circuit and the flexibility of 10 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 40 GbE today, and 100 GbE client side interfaces in the future.

In addition, the Cloud Xpress allows it to plug into existing Cloud provisioning systems using open software-defined networking (SDN) application programming interfaces (APIs).

Peter George, senior vice president of product development at Blackboard, said: “We selected the Infinera Cloud Xpress for this metro Cloud because of its ability to grow capacity, incrementally and without any significant overhaul in our network.”

Baburajan K
[email protected]

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