Huawei selects Spirent TestCenter to verify performance of data center switches

Infotech Lead India: Huawei has selected Spirent TestCenter to verify the performance of the newly launched CloudEngine 12800 series data center switches.

Spirent TestCenter

This test of 384 ports of 10G Ethernet was conducted at massive scale under the most stressful yet realistic conditions, representing China’s first highest port density and TRILL test.

Huawei launched the CloudEngine data center switches earlier this year with 48 Tbps of single-frame switching capacity and support for high-density, line-speed 1/10/40/100 G Ethernet ports. Huawei used Spirent solutions to test its data center switches’ capability to offer stable, reliable and secure services to help customers build scalable, virtualized and converged networks.

Huawei used Spirent TestCenter to conduct high-performance testing of its CloudEngine 12808 to determine that it delivered on key performance metrics. The test used full mesh traffic across 384 ports of 10G Ethernet to showcase the CE12808 switch’s zero packet loss at line rate forwarding, and support for TRILL.

Huawei also leveraged Spirent TestCenter and Spirent iTest for a green test to highlight low power consumption of the CE12808 switch. The results allow Huawei to confidently address the scalability, performance, power consumption and latency needs of increasingly large data centers and cloud-based services.

“Spirent enabled Huawei to go beyond just functional testing to showcase the performance of data center fabrics at massive scale,” said Gene Zhang, vice president and general manager, Asia Pacific at Spirent Communications. “Spirent has long been the leader of test methodologies that validate data center and cloud computing performance at scale and with enhanced realism.”

Spirent’s test solutions play a key role in helping the data networking industry to address the performance and scale challenges facing data center operators. This test is just another example of why the industry continues to turn to Spirent for the most advanced and complete end to end cloud, virtualization and data center testing.

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