HP unveils enhanced Moonshot, offers speed and agility 

HP has unveiled enhanced Moonshot systems that help enterprises to build next generation data centers with speed and agility at lower economics.

In a statement HP said that two enhanced Moonshot systems – Moonshot ProLiant m300, ProLiant m800, ProLiant m700 –  and HP ConvergedSystem 100 would accelerate time to market, reduce cost and ensures simplify data centers for new style of IT.

ProLiantm300 offers next generation server cartridge for front-end Web applications. Dedicated hosting and light weight analytics workloads delivering significant performance gains, with 7 times greater performance and 6 times higher performance per watt. System is available now, in configurations starting from US$50,000.

ProLiantm800 is designed for applications that perform analysis or processing on streaming data, such as telecommunication and seismic processing. The next-generation server cartridge offers cost-effective and efficient mobile processing by accelerating the transmission of signals and easing the transition from 3G to 4G. System is available now, in configurations starting from US$75,000

Powered by HP Moonshot ProLiant m700, HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops, clients can deliver the business graphics and multimedia performance of a traditional desktop PC with 6 times faster graphics frames per second, compared to other virtual desktop infrastructure solutions. System is available now, in configurations starting from US$140,000.

Compared to traditional PC desktops, organizations can lower IT costs with up to 44 percent lower total cost of ownership and increase time to value with up to 90 times faster deployments with a system that can deploy into production in as little as 2 hours. In addition, HP Moonshot technology enables clients to reduce power costs by up to 63 percent.

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