Equinix and Nvidia Collaborate to Provide AI Computing Systems to Corporate Clients

Data center operator Equinix and chip giant Nvidia have joined forces to offer Nvidia’s supercomputing systems to corporate clients.
Equinix at Oracle OpenWorld 2017
The collaboration aims to empower companies with greater control over their artificial intelligence (AI) computing systems, as opposed to relying on cloud computing providers like Amazon.com or Microsoft.

The new service, unveiled on Wednesday, is designed to streamline the process for businesses seeking to own their AI computing systems, addressing concerns related to privacy and data control. Rather than renting Nvidia’s leading chips through cloud providers, corporate clients can now purchase Nvidia systems and entrust Equinix with the efficient construction and operation of these advanced computing solutions while retaining ownership.

Jon Lin, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Data Center Services at Equinix, emphasized the importance of data control for large enterprises, stating, “We want to drive privacy because what we’re hearing at large customers is they are very worried about controlling their own destiny.”

Nvidia has provided training to Equinix staff, equipping them with the necessary expertise to build and operate Nvidia’s specialized systems effectively. This unique offering addresses the growing demand from large businesses to have not only ownership but also operational control over their AI computing infrastructure.

While many enterprises express interest in owning AI computing systems for privacy and security reasons, the partnership between Nvidia and Equinix seeks to bridge the gap between ownership and operational efficiency. The collaboration enables corporate customers to leverage Nvidia’s advanced technology while relying on Equinix’s expertise in constructing and managing these systems.

The new offering, available as of Wednesday, aims to meet the evolving needs of businesses in the AI space. However, no immediate customers were disclosed as part of the announcement. The collaboration between Equinix and Nvidia reflects a strategic move to provide tailored solutions for enterprises seeking to navigate the complexities of AI infrastructure while maintaining control over their data and operations.

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