Digital Pacific deploys Noction internet route optimization platform

Noction said Digital Pacific, a web hosting solutions provider in Australia, has deployed its Intelligent Routing Platform, an internet route optimization platform, in its primary datacenter in Sydney.

Digital Pacific operates in five data centers with primary services hosted in Sydney, Australia and redundant infrastructure services in other locations.

Noction Intelligent Routing Platform automatically optimizes routes over multiple internet transit providers to achieve improvements in latency and packet loss, resulting in better quality of service.

Digital Pacific achieved 22 percent reduction in network latency within the first month of deploying IRP and 90 percent improvement in packet loss for almost a quarter of the company’s total traffic volume.

“Noction’s Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP) allows us to select the best route possible from our bandwidth providers, maintaining our high standards and ultimately keeping our customers happy,” said Andrew Koloadin, founder at Digital Pacific.

“With transit pricing in Australia being one of the most expensive in the world, Noction’s Commit Control feature allows us to utilise each provider as cost-effectively as possible while still maintaining the best routes possible out of our network,” said Shane Goulden, network engineer at Digital Pacific.

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