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Cloudflare announced Accelerated Mobile Links, a solution to increase the speed of browsing through mobile.

It is available to all Cloudflare customers for their mobile properties for free by turning it on in the Cloudflare Dashboard.

Cloudflare predicts that more than half of the traffic to it’s network will come from mobile devices in 2017.

Besides, the mobile web is built on traditional web protocols and technologies that were designed for desktop CPUs, network connections, and displays.

As a result, browsing the mobile web feels sluggish compared with using native mobile apps.

According to the Internet performance and security company, Accelerated Mobile Links automatically identifies links to content supporting the open-source Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format and renders it within milliseconds of the link being clicked.

“The mobile web has traditionally been at a performance disadvantage to native mobile applications,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare.

“Accelerated Mobile Links closes this gap by ensuring AMP content is served almost instantly on any Cloudflare customer’s site,” he added.

The benefits of accelerated mobile links include- faster access to mobile content, increased user engagement and secure global caching of web properties.

The AMP project, founded by Google in October 2015, is an open technology to make the mobile web as fast as native apps.

The AMP Project, founded by Google, is an open-source initiative aimed at optimizing mobile content and making it available anywhere.

Since then, a large number of publishers have adopted AMP. Today, 600 million pages across 700,000 different domains are available in the AMP format.

Cloudflare worked in conjunction with the Google team to build the first non-Google AMP cache, which will deliver AMP links instantly for a better user experience.

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