Brazil data center power supplies market size report by Frost & Sullivan

Brazil data center power supplies market size report by Frost & Sullivan says that the market will nearly double to $460 million in 2017 from $240 million in 2012.

Growth drivers will be emerging trends in IT markets. Frost & Sullivan says the outsourcing of infrastructure will expand the data center industry in Brazil and stimulate demand back up through the sets diesel generators, cooling systems, servers and power supply devices.

The growth of energy suppliers for data centers in Brazil will be driven by demand from the data center segment vertical in order to keep pace with the energy efficiency requirements and technological innovation. The need for densification of cooling systems and racks of servers can encourage the development of long-term market.
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“The growing popularity of the infrastructure of the data center management (DCIM) systems, due to the high electricity tariffs in Brazil and emphasis on energy efficiency will fuel the revenue in the market,” said Frost & Sullivan analyst Gustavo Stainoh.

DCIM opportunities in the country are promising since the facilities under construction are already adopting this solution.

In addition to power management solutions, such as DCIM systems, data centers are looking for environmentally friendly solutions that help companies reduce operating costs associated with energy consumption.

According to Frost & Sullivan, given the complexity of power systems, large data center users and developers will prefer integrated projects that include infrastructure as a whole and not as individual components solutions. These integrated systems allow effective monitoring and reducing energy consumption.

The contestants themselves are looking to offer complete solutions portfolio, including engineering and consulting.

Developers of the project, as well as engineering, procurement and construction companies are focusing on providing reliable power systems and therefore manufacturers original equipment power supplies must ensure the continuous improvement of products to remain competitive in the Brazilian market rapidly changing.

While there is intensifying demand for a variety of energy solutions for data centers, Brazilian suppliers of components did not benefit from this, since the imported products dominate the market.

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