Ameyo launches cloud contact center software for emerging businesses in India

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Contact center solutions provider Ameyo launched a new cloud offering, the Ameyo Emerge, designed for emerging businesses in India.

With Ameyo Emerge, the company said, emerging businesses such as hyperlocal mobile app aggregators, hyper-local marketplaces, e-commerce, etc. can create standard contact centers without investing on hardware or coding.

Apart from voice capabilities, Ameyo Emerge provides email support, in-app chat, social media, and sms integration, within a single unified interface.

“In today’s business realm, interaction platforms are falling short on multiple levels. They are typically limited to voice or non-voice capabilities, and analytics are limited solely to the web,” said Nayan Jain, CTO, Ameyo Emerge.

He continued that the Emerge platform will provide improved operational efficiency to small scale businesses.

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