Africa Data Centres to expand Samrand facility in Johannesburg

Africa Data Centres has broken ground for the expansion of its Samrand facility in Johannesburg, from 10MW to 40MW of IT load.
Africa Data Centres
Africa Data Centre’s capacity is expected to exceed 100MW on completion of the Samrand facility.

“The construction of the first phase is starting today and will deliver 20MW across eight data halls by 2023. The next phase will include an additional 10MW of IT load by the end of 2025,” Tesh Durvasula, CEO of Africa Data Centres, said.

Africa Data Centres recently said it is expanding its capacity in Johannesburg to 100MW of IT load. It also recently launched a new 10MW data centre at the company’s campus in Midrand. It also expanded the operations in Accra, Ghana.

This will see the data centre giant building large hyper-scale data centres across Africa, including the top five data centre markets in North Africa, namely Morocco, Tunisia, Kenya, South Africa and Egypt.

“Our investment of $500 million will enable Africa Data Centres to build interconnected, cloud- and carrier-neutral data centres across the continent. It will more than double our footprint on the continent and aims to help Africa achieve its digital transformation goals,” Tesh Durvasula said.

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