ABB in pact with ST Telemedia to explore AI, ML and analytics

ABB has signed up to a pilot study with ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (STT GDC) to explore how artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and advanced analytics can optimize energy use and reduce a facility’s carbon footprint.
ST TelemediaSingapore-headquartered STT GDC is leveraging the digital transformation expertise of technology leader ABB as it bids to become net carbon-neutral by 2030.

ABB is conducting the pilot in two phases, beginning with initial data exploration, modelling and validation, studying historical data to establish how digital solutions would impact existing operations and energy use.

Once proven, it will be followed by AI control logic testing in a live data center environment. STT GDC aims to achieve at least 10 percent in energy savings from its cooling systems, which is the largest consumption of electrical power in a data center after IT equipment.

“The vast amounts of data that can be captured and harnessed in a live data center environment makes for a strong base for AI applications, which can also be applied to other business processes including capacity planning, risk mitigation and predictive maintenance,” said Daniel Pointon, Group Chief Technology Officer, ST Telemedia Global Data Centres.

The ABB team is developing AI-based optimization models for the entire data center cooling plant, including the upstream chiller and distribution systems. The AI project is unlocking new opportunities for efficiency improvement at a granular level within the data center.

STT GDC will be able to use AI-generated insights, leveraging cutting-edge ABB Ability Genix for industrial analytics and AI, to track and analyze data generated by monitoring systems in the data center, and better facilitate dynamic cooling optimization.

STT GDC has more than 130 data center facilities across Singapore, UK, India, China, Thailand, South Korea and Indonesia.

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