3M launches cost effective active optical cable for SFP+ applications

Infotech Lead America: 3M now offers low-power, high-speed Active Optical Cable (AOC) Assembly for SFP+ Applications.

Designers of high-performance computing systems, data centers and other ultra-high-throughput networks have a new interconnect option for SFP+ applications. It is the first known cable assembly of its kind available on the market that reaches up to 100 meters.

The bi-directional AOC assembly supports speeds of more than 10 Gbps per channel over OM 2+ bend-insensitive fiber.  It is directly attachable and can be used to connect high-performance switches, servers and storage.

The light-engine technology in the 3M AOC assembly allows the cable assembly to operate typically at 240mW per end, helping to save energy costs and minimize heat dissipation. The AOC assembly consumes less power than the typical SFP+ interconnect solutions, which are active optical pluggable transceivers  or active copper cable assemblies. The cable assembly incorporates 850nm VCSEL technology.

The AOC assembly from 3M eliminates many of the issues associated with other widely used interconnect options. It is lighter and more routable than conventional passive and active copper solutions, allowing more air flow and consuming less space. The optical interface is integrated into the cable assembly to lower power use and virtually eliminating the risk of optical contamination associated with pluggable transceiver modules.

The SFP+ AOC from 3M supports the 10GB Ethernet and 4GFC and 8GFC Fibre Channel specifications.  It is compliant with the SFF-8431 Rev4.1 SFP+ specification and the cable assembly is backed by 3M’s two-year active optical warranty. The cable assembly meets FCC Class B, CE Emissions and Immunity requirements and are RoHS 2011/65/EU compliant as well.

The cable assembly is available from 3M’s Authorized Channel partners and resellers, including Colfax Direct.

3M launches new Passive Optical LAN Solutions for enterprise LAN

In January this year, 3M launched new Passive Optical LAN Solutions for the enterprise LAN. The future-ready fiber-to-the-desktop LAN technology is gaining traction within the industry as the alternative to traditional copper-based Layer 2 Ethernet switches.

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