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Sumeet Walia, head – Global Enterprise Business, Tata Communications, said the year 2013 witnessed the growth of advanced technology solutions such as cloud computing, smart devices and collaboration tools within enterprises.

In 2014, these trends will continue and the year could see an encouraging adoption of advanced technologies to meet the changing demands of enterprises.

With mobility gaining prominence, we will see an increase in demand for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) in the coming year. Leveraging this growth in the UCaaS market, we recently launched jamvee, an easy-to-use, on-demand business video service for enterprises. Jamvee enables, for the first time, anyone, anywhere to access a video meeting via any device – be it desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, Telepresence or video conferencing rooms.

Furthering the growth in the UCaaS market is another trend of open API-based tools, such as WebRTC. WebRTC offers flexibility and interoperability allowing enterprises to design and refine the social tools until they are a perfect fit for their business processes and their employees, thereby maximizing participation and productivity gains.

Sumeet Walia, head - Global Enterprise Business, Tata Communications

The constant expansion of mobile user base and proliferation of smart devices, will lead to increase in the demand for bandwidth in 2014. Over the next three to seven years, the demands placed upon networks will witness a dramatic increase driven by the growth of Internet and usage of bandwidth through mobile devices.

This growth will not necessarily come from increased subscribers but from new services that eat up bandwidth, especially video. More than one-way broadcast video, we expect the two-way video communication to drive traffic volume growth and test the network for quality and bandwidth availability as we move ahead. On the back of our wholly-owned global submarine cable network, we aim to cost effectively manage this bandwidth demand, while delivering quality real time two way video to our customers across the globe.

“We are focused on offering advanced solutions to our customers ensuring business profitability and growth in 2014,” Walia said.

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