IT trends for enterprises by Huawei

IT solutions vendor Huawei announced IT trends for enterprises in 2014.

Huawei in a statement said ICT is becoming the core of enterprise competitiveness that enables disruptive innovation for enterprises that redefine the market. The enterprise ICT system is not just a support system to improve efficiency and reduce cost, but a customer-oriented service and production system.

The immense impact of the Internet requires a new mindset to realize digital restructuring, by leveraging the power of the Internet and driving deeper integration of the physical and digital worlds. This in turn enhances connections and minimizes distance between people, enterprises, customers and business partners.

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The Internet is being increasingly embedded into the value creation process and Internet+ has become a new focus in traditional industries and a starting point for their digitalization. Internet + traditional industry has become an inevitable trend to realize digital restructuring and build advantages through the adoption of an Internet mindset and ICT technologies. This restructuring is all-encompassing – from mindset, to business, operation, ICT infrastructure and technology.

To stay ahead in the current business environment, industries and enterprises need to understand that the Internet is not just a tool that can be added onto their traditional business models. They need to embrace “Internet+” to foster innovation.

Traditional industries are using the internet to strengthen value delivery through e-commerce, enhancing information flow, capital flow and logistics. The Internet is also starting to be applied to value creation processes that include R&D and manufacturing.

The Internet has made information more accessible, which means that enterprises will no longer be able to survive by monopolizing knowledge and information. However, information continues to be an asset because enterprises that are able to harness the vast amount of data available through the Internet can now perform data collection and analyses to develop important insights such as on consumer behavior. Information and data management is a core competency for enterprises today and in future.

With customers gaining more access to information, power is shifting towards the consumer, and as such enterprises need to take user-centricity to a higher level. This means that the end-user’s perspective must be considered throughout the entire business process.

By understanding and developing solutions that cater to the end-user, enterprises will be able to apply the internet to areas that will directly enhance their operations to strengthen their business performance and relationships with customers.

Enterprises that embrace the Internet and digital restructuring will also be able to offer services to customers on demand in a timely and intelligent way, while all their internal processes can be aligned to support the on-demand requirements.

Huawei will continue to focus on innovation in pipe strategies around ICT infrastructure and will develop SoftCOM strategies that integrate and realize the latest ICT ideas and technologies. Huawei will work closely with partners to support traditional industries and enterprises in implementing digital restructuring and continue to foster growth and innovation while pushing the boundaries of the ICT industry.

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