LogMeIn Rescue powers Live PC Expert’s customer base to grow 40% in 6 months of deployment

Infotech Lead India: LogMeIn Rescue has assisted Live PC Expert’s customer base to grow 40 percent in 6 months of its deployment. Here is the case study.

Amit Mukherji, CEO, IN Technologies,

A subsidiary of IN Technologies, Live PC Expert provides online computer technical support to its customers. As a one-stop-shop for all sorts of PC solutions, Live PC Expert provides a plethora of services to its customers, including setting up email accounts to broadband installation and setup to, providing system back-ups, removing spyware and virus to providing PC maintenance and repair, and setting up remote working and Home networking solutions. Since its inception, Live PC Expert has had a very clear vision that “technology should be enjoyed hassle-free and someone reliable has to take the responsibility to root out all the bottlenecks in the way” Live PC Expert provides speedy, reliable and affordable IT support services to its customers across US, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

With over 150 Microsoft certified professionals, Live PC Expert provides support for Microsoft Windows OS, XP, Vista and Windows 7 platforms. It provides technical assistance to its customers through online chat, email, screen sharing, and toll-free telephonic support.

Amit Mukherji, CEO, IN Technologies, is an industry veteran with over 20 years of IT experience. Over the years having partnered, tried and tested remote assistance solutions offered by various commercial vendors, Mukherji recommends LogMeIn Rescue and vouches it as by far the best available private label solution in the market. Currently Live PC Expert uses over 40 LogMeIn Rescue licenses to remote assist their clients 24/7.

Talking about Rescue’s features, Mukherji says “Rescue’s ability to install the customer applet within seconds to provide seamless interface between technician and the customers and its ability to automatically uninstall itself from the remote PC at session conclusion is its best feature. This feature in particular assures the customers that remote assistance is safe and secure. Additionally, Rescue’s ability to capture detailed session notes is yet another brilliant feature which ensures that each and every session attended by the technician is tracked and auditable. These features in Rescue help us convince our customers about the trustworthiness of the remote assistance technology and doubly ensure them about the safety and security aspects of adopting this technology.”

“Also Rescue’s features like interactive chat, its ability to support multiple simultaneous active sessions and its ability to provide desktop view and allow the technicians to remotely control and access all functions of the customer’s desktop within seconds are some of the other features in Rescue that enable the technicians to perform with more efficiency,” Mukherji added.

“Rescue has remarkably improved our technician first call resolution by twofold and has attributed towards 40 percent increase in customer base  for Live PC Expert within six months of its deployment in early 2010,” he added.


“Live PC Expert has witnessed tremendous growth in the past six months, banking on  this  momentum we plan to scale-up, and increase our headcount to about 350 technicians by the second quarter of 2012. We are also looking forward to make our services available to a wider section of the market in 2012. We are glad to have partnered with LogMeIn in our success journey so far, we appreciate their professionalism, and we will continue to partner with them in our journey ahead,” said Mukherji.

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