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Infotech Lead India: The midmarket is one of the fastest growing segments in IBM’s Growth Markets Unit (GMU). For IBM midmarket customers are typically businesses with 100-999 employees. IBM working along with its partners has developed a set of solutions to help in growing the scope of firms located in mid towns primarily Tier I and II Cities. IBM plans to work hand-in-hand with local ISVs to provide new and existing clients with additional value-added solutions that are specifically tailored to the local market.

Infotech Lead is presenting details of few SME clients which have leveraged IBM for their growth plans.

Confianz Information Technologies

An IT consulting firm, Confianz Information Technologies has selected IBM’s SmartCloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering to deliver its services to its customers across the globe on a cloud computing infrastructure. This will help Confianz centralize their operations and driver higher efficiencies, and ensure the flexibility of having computing power and infrastructure as needed from six different data centers around the globe. The IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is based on a pay-as-you-go model and is deployed based on business need thereby reducing the operating expenditure – a cost control capability that cannot be leveraged in a traditional infrastructure setup when there is surplus capacity that is a cost overhead. Thus, Confianz can grow its business without having to worry about the associated increase in IT infrastructure costs and the inherent challenges associated with managing the IT infrastructure.

Sakthi Auto Components

Sakthi Auto Components, part of the Sakthi Group of companies, has selected IBM for consolidating and strengthening their IT infrastructure. With this alliance IBM would be strengthening Sakthi Auto Component’s IT hardware environment and enabling them to be more agile and customer centric with faster time to information. With a more reliable and resilient IT infrastructure, Shakti Auto will be able to provide better customer services and continue with their growth objectives.


BPTP, one of the leading Indian real estate companies, adopted IBM PureSystems to streamline its IT infrastructure and improve the overall home buying experience for its customers. Established in 2003, BPTP, like India itself, has experienced rapid growth over the last decade. The company utilizes business analytics to match the best properties with its customers. As urban centers around the country have ballooned, so too has BPTP’s storage, processing and overall IT infrastructure. Sustaining and building upon this growth required BPTP to find a better performing computing and storage solution that would enable a virtualized environment and at the same time help address the growing complexities posed by such a virtualized infrastructure. To meet these challenges, BPTP selected IBM PureSystems for all of its processing and storage requirements. The flexibility, ease of use and scalability of PureSystems made it easy for BPTP to replace its existing infrastructure and create a virtualized solution around its existing SAP environment.

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