BMC Software powers Indra’s cloud platform to ensure 30-40% savings on backend

Infotech Lead Europe: Indra, an IT solutions and services provider in Spain, has implemented BMC Software’s cloud management software to build a private cloud platform and reported 90 percent savings in provisioning of new services and 30-40 percent savings on backend, especially in areas of compliance or legal enforcement of security policies.


Details of the implementation

When one of the world’s largest multi-national companies decides to build a private cloud, it is a significant investment that carries with it a lot of expectations – reduced expense, improved business agility and speed, better service delivery, and positive revenue and margin impact, to name just a few.

The private cloud platform provided Indra’s customers with a secure, flexible, integrated solution for easier cloud adoption. The completed cloud exceeded their expectations across the board.

“We chose BMC Software because it has the best cloud management, orchestration and automation tools available in the market today,” said Myriam Blazquez, director of Indra’s cloud strategy.

“We wanted a standardized hardware platform for all of our customers, offering the same devices and procedures for provisioning and managing IT. BMC worked closely with us throughout the entire process from solution design to implementation, and even from communications to marketing efforts,” Blazquez added.

Indra looked to build a private cloud that offered flexibility to grow and respond to customer needs in a dynamic manner, while reducing provisioning and improving time to market. It also needed a flexible economic model to accompany the consumption of resources based on the business needs of its clients, while providing security guarantees.

After reviewing a wide array of competitive offerings, Indra found that BMC Software offered the best-suited solutions for its operational and financial needs.

BMC worked closely with Indra on every level from high-level business issues down to technical detail, providing maximum customer support and benefits.

Through its private cloud platform, Indra experienced a number of improvements that positively impacted its customers, including: Optimized hardware and software resources at 100 percent and significant decrease in human error.

“All of these benefits meant that we could experience faster time-to-market – from months to a matter of days,” said Jose Angel Osma, manager in the outsourcing department of Indra.

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