3 financial services firms use Avaya IP Office to improve their communications

Infotech Lead America: Three financial services firms – AmeriMerchant, Fuoco Group and RootWorks – have used Avaya IP Office to improve their communications.


By adopting Avaya IP Office, the company’s unified communications solution for small and mid-size enterprises (SME), these financial services companies have enhanced collaboration, mobility and customer service across their company, and turn communications into a secure, strategic business asset.


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AmeriMerchant, a NYC-based business working capital company with 100+ employees is in a time-sensitive industry, serving businesses ranging from restaurants to retail stores. These companies rely on AmeriMerchant’s financing services to keep business flowing, which requires reliable communications and the ability to get customers routed to the right person quickly to get the information they need. To achieve this, AmeriMerchant chose Avaya IP Office.


Andrew Altschuler, vice president, business development for AmeriMerchant, said IP Office’s advanced contact center capabilities enable customer calls to get answered quickly, and on the first try. This helps AmeriMerchant achieve their goal of eliminating missed or mis-routed calls, which can lead to lost sales — something Altschuler no longer needs to worry about with Avaya IP Office in his business.


Avaya IP Office helps AmeriMerchant improve customer service through salesperson training, enabling supervisors to view customer call statistics, listen on calls, and provide tips or help struggling workers. Through nightly reports, supervisors can see if production is up or down, and improve customer service as needed.

DJJ Technologies was the Avaya Business Partner for AmeriMerchant’s implementation.


Fuoco Group


When Fuoco Group, based in New York, sought a solution to keep accountants across multiple locations in close collaboration, they turned to Avaya so that their 85 employees across four locations remained in communications — a critical factor during the busy tax season.


To achieve this, they brought in Avaya IP Office, which simplified their approach to communications, while upgrading their capabilities.


Joseph Manzelli, director of operations, Fuoco Group, said Avaya IP Office was quick to implement, and he could easily manage it by himself. Avaya IP Office meets Fuoco Group’s key goal, which is to keep employees accessible at all times.


Among Manzelli’s favorite capabilities: keeping employees connected by extending business calls to their mobile phones, and incorporating functions like presence that not only show availability, but enable automatic call-backs to callers once employees are off the phone.

Manhattan Business Systems was the Avaya Business Partner for Fuoco Group’s implementation.


For Darren Root, CEO of consulting and accounting services company RootWorks, advanced communications is essential for overseeing multiple businesses while on the road or in remote locations. In addition to helping accounting firms succeed with his guidance, the Root manages CPA practice Root and Associates, and also serves as executive editor of CPA Practice Advisor Magazine.


Root’s responsibilities and busy travel schedule require him to have constant connectivity, since his clients remain demanding whether he is teaching a class, at his firm or at the airport. Both Root and his employees get help from Avaya IP Office’s softphone application, which includes videoconferencing capabilities that let employees stay in touch visually with customers while mobile. Root plans to enhance mobility with the IP Office app for iPhone devices, enabling him to see presence of staff members, and have a wide range of conferencing capabilities (including the ability to quickly add, drop or mute contacts) at his fingertips.
G3 Technologies and Forth Phaze were the Avaya Business Partners for RootWorks’ implementation.


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