VMware transforms hybrid cloud security

VMware announced the company is transforming hybrid cloud security for mobile end users.

The company will transform hybrid cloud security with the combination of VMware NSX network virtualization and AirWatch by VMware and VMware Horizon.

VMware NSX when deployed with AirWatch EMM or VMware Horizon addresses the enterprise security challenge of over-provisioned data center access through the use of network micro-segmentation.

The company will showcase this combination at RSA conference next week.

Users or groups can access only the specific applications within the data center to which they are authorized with the individualized virtual network created by the combination.

Company said, the users which are not entitled cannot access or see the resources that exist within the data center.

IT can help minimize security threats resulting from over-provisioned access that is common with traditional gateway VPNs.

VMware NSX approach to secure user access offers advantages over traditional security approaches and provides automated provisioning, automated move/add/change for workloads, distributed policy enforcement at every virtual interface and in-kernel, scale-out firewalling distributed to every hypervisor or virtual desktop and baked into the platform.


The combination of AirWatch identity management and per app VPN controls with VMware NSX network enables IT to assign exact data center resources to specific applications based on the organizational groups already set up through AirWatch EMM.

The combined solution also gives admins greater visibility into what mobile users can access and eases change management as new applications come online.

VMware NSX with Horizon enables effective firewalling for each virtual desktop at a VM level, preventing the spread of threats from desktop to server as well as desktop to desktop.

VMware NSX simplifies and automates application of network and security policies to users or virtual desktop pools.

Few days ago, VMware launched Collaboration Bundle to integrate AirWatch content Locker, Socialcast and AirWatch video for customers to drive business and simplify information technology.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]

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