VMware to supply virtual desktops to 1,250 rural and inland schools across Malaysia

1,250 rural and inland schools across Malaysia are deploying 25,000 seats of VMware Horizon virtual desktops and Teradici PCoIP zero client devices to bring digital learning.

VMware said the private cloud deployment gives students access to computing and digital education resources as per Malaysia Education Blueprint, 2013-2025.

The target of the Malaysian Ministry of Education is to offer digital learning to approximately 6 million students at 10,000 schools.

Approximately 25,000 students, teachers and administrators at 1,250 schools can now access desktops, applications and data utilizing virtual desktop infrastructure. In rural and inland areas, students have limited access to connectivity and electricity.

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With VMware Horizon and Teradici PCoIP Zero Clients, user data and computing applications are transmitted as pixels-only images to virtual desktops in the classroom.

In contrast to costly traditional PC hardware, data and applications are separated from end-user devices and securely stored in easier-to-manage data centers. It’s simple for IT managers to install, replace or convert legacy desktop PCs and terminals in a virtual computing environment with PCoIP zero client systems and to support or upgrade educational software and applications written specifically for the Malaysian school system.

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