Virgin Megastore to migrating SAP ERP application workloads to IBM Cloud

Virgin Megastore KSA, a major entertainment retailer in Saudi Arabia, is migrating its SAP ERP application workloads to IBM Cloud.
IBM Cloud for CIOsVirgin Megastore, which has over 40 stores in 9 markets in the Middle East and North Africa, will benefit from the migration from on-premises to cloud as it will help the retailer improve operational efficiencies and provide a platform for new digital services to their clients.

Virgin Megastore KSA aims to boost productivity across business functions to meet the evolving needs of its growing network of shoppers. The retailer also aims to significantly cut administration and reporting time, allowing their sales teams to stay focused on driving client experiences.

“Modernizing IT infrastructure will allow us to enhance our customer-facing and back-end performance, allowing our employees to focus on delivering world-class experiences for shoppers,” said Russel Bacha, Head of Technology and Loyalty, Virgin Megastore KSA.

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