United Medical Signs 7-Year Deal with Oracle Health, Elevating Outpatient Care Efficiency and Patient Experience

United Medical, a multi-specialty ambulatory network comprising over 225 healthcare providers, has solidified its two-decade-long collaboration with Oracle Health, extending the partnership for another seven years.
Oracle HealthIn a strategic move, United Medical aims to implement Oracle Health’s advanced electronic health record (EHR) system in additional outpatient surgery centers and accountable care organizations within its network. This initiative seeks to streamline workflows and processes for healthcare practitioners, consolidating financial systems, IT infrastructure, consulting services, and support into a unified platform.

The extended partnership is a testament to the success and growth achieved through this longstanding collaboration. United Medical envisions leveraging Oracle Health’s EHR to accommodate the surging demand for outpatient care effectively. The partnership is strategically aligned to facilitate seamless future growth opportunities, ensuring practitioners have access to cutting-edge technology to enhance their financial outcomes while prioritizing top-tier patient care.

By integrating Oracle Health’s EHR across its extensive network, United Medical is set to benefit from a consolidated domain featuring a central patient portal and billing system. This centralized platform will empower authorized caregivers and staff to efficiently manage the patient’s care journey. Additionally, healthcare practitioners will have the flexibility to access and act on patient information from various locations, thereby simplifying documentation, improving follow-up processes, and enhancing patient adherence to health maintenance plans.

The collaboration underscores a strategic approach to driving organizational efficiency, allowing clinicians and staff to direct their focus towards patient care. Oracle Health’s intelligent technology equips healthcare providers with the tools to reduce costs, mitigate burnout, and elevate the overall patient experience. This synergy with networks like United Medical signifies Oracle Health’s commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of healthcare practices.

United Medical’s extended partnership with Oracle Health signifies a milestone in their shared journey towards providing enhanced patient care through technological innovation and organizational efficiency. Stay tuned for further updates on their collaborative efforts aimed at revolutionizing outpatient care and setting new standards in the healthcare industry.

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