Thailand taps Microsoft Office 365 for Education for 8 million students and 400,000 teachers

Thailand’s Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) has selected Microsoft Office 365 for Education for 8 million students and 400,000 teachers.

Both students and teachers will get free access to the cloud-enabled productivity software, said Microsoft.

Anthony Salcito, vice president of Worldwide Education at Microsoft, said the cloud deal will allow students and teachers to create, connect and collaborate.

By 2020, according to an IDC report, 30 percent of skilled jobs will require proficiency in Microsoft Office. The advanced cloud education initiative will assist Thailand students to improve skill sets and productivity.

Thailand chooses Office 365 for 8 million students and 400,000 teachers

Earlier, Microsoft announced its partnership with the Sao Paolo State Department of Education to provide Office 365 to more than 4 million students.

Moreover, Microsoft announced its cloud education alliance with the All India Council for Technical Education to deploy 7.5 million Office 365 seats. 4.5 million seats deployed by Catholic International Education Office is yet another cloud deal.

Microsoft will also be announcing a pilot project in Finland. Microsoft’s pilot partnership will be with more than 100 schools to support teachers and technology. This partnership brings cities, companies and education stakeholders together to address the challenges of improving learning.

“We will invest in teacher training, advisory and learning materials so that educators can take full advantage of technology in the pursuit of more effective teaching and learning. As in Thailand, this effort is intended to spark economic and employment opportunities for the country’s youth,” said Salcito in a blog post on Tuesday.

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