Steps to Exit Google Cloud with Free Data Transfer to Rival Platforms

Google Cloud has introduced a new initiative to assist its customers in transitioning away from the platform.
Google Cloud at IT trade showThe tech giant is offering free data transfers for those looking to migrate their workloads and data from Google Cloud to alternative cloud providers or on-premises data centers.

To take advantage of this unprecedented offer, customers are required to follow a few simple steps:

Reach out to their assigned Google Cloud account team for guidance before proceeding.

Thoroughly review the specifics of the free data transfer program available on Google Cloud’s official page.

Complete and submit a designated form, initiating the free data transfer request.

Upon submission, the Google Cloud Support team will carefully review the request and provide notification to customers, allowing them to commence the migration of their workloads and data to another cloud service provider or on-premises data center, free of charge. Customers will be given a 60-day window following the notification to complete the migration process.

Post successful migration within the stipulated timeframe, customers are then required to terminate their Google Cloud agreement in accordance with the terms outlined.

Noteworthy details about the program include:

Free data transfers are applicable to the Premium Tier Network Service Tier.

The program covers data residing specifically in Google Cloud data storage and data management products.

Any alterations to the migration timeline must be promptly reported to the Google Cloud Support team.

The free data transfer request must be submitted before the termination of the Google Cloud agreement.

Google Cloud reserves the right to audit data movements to ensure compliance with program terms and conditions.

All existing Google Cloud customers are eligible for this program, provided they complete the migration of all their data out of Google Cloud within 60 days of approval and terminate their contract with the platform.

Exiting Google Cloud implies severing ties with the platform and discontinuing the use of all its services, typically involving the transfer of workloads and data to another cloud provider or on-premises infrastructure.

For customers with negotiated commitment agreements, it is advised to engage with the Google Cloud account team for discussions on available options. The Cloud Exit program specifics should be thoroughly reviewed, and the official exit request should only be submitted after full consideration. Upon completion of the review process, customers will receive a notification from a Google Support agent, signaling the start of a 60-day period to transfer data and terminate their Google Cloud agreement.

In cases where customers are only partially migrating data and not entirely leaving Google Cloud, termination of the agreement is not mandatory. To explore these scenarios, customers can submit the form with migration specifics, and the Google Cloud Support team will assess and respond accordingly.

The free network data transfer is applicable to various sources, including BigQuery, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Datastore, Filestore, Spanner, and Persistent Disk. This comprehensive program aims to facilitate a smooth transition for Google Cloud customers seeking alternative solutions.

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