SAP Appoints Thomas Saueressig to Bolster Cloud Growth

On Tuesday, German software giant SAP unveiled its strategic plans to intensify its cloud expansion by introducing a dedicated executive board division set to commence operations on April 1.
SAP HANA business customersThe company’s statement highlighted that this new board area, to be helmed by Thomas Saueressig, aims at propelling continuous innovation in the cloud, prioritizing the seamless adoption of evolving technologies by its customer base.

Muhammad Alam is slated to ascend to the executive board, succeeding Thomas Saueressig and taking on the pivotal role of overseeing SAP’s product engineering.

Muhammad Alam’s journey at SAP commenced on January 31, 2022, when he joined as President and Chief Product Officer for the Intelligent Spend and Business Network. His portfolio encompasses steering engineering and design teams focused on critical domains such as procurement, travel and expense management, external workforce oversight, and the SAP Business Network.

Notably, prior to his tenure at SAP, Muhammad Alam accumulated 17 years of experience at Microsoft, culminating in his role as Corporate Vice President of Product and Engineering for Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications.

SAP’s revenue in third quarter 2023 was €7.744 billion, marking a 4 percent increase. The cloud revenue witnessed substantial growth, soaring to €3.472 billion, a notable 16 percent surge. SAP’s Cloud backlog stands strong at €12.269 billion, indicative of the company’s robust positioning in the cloud market.

This strategic reshuffle in SAP’s leadership underscores the company’s dedication to fortifying its cloud services and organizational structure to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive tech landscape. With a renewed focus on innovation and leadership transitions, SAP is poised to further solidify its standing as a leading player in the global cloud computing arena.

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