Salesforce reveals Service Cloud Intelligence Engine to better customer support

CRM company Salesforce today revealed the launch of its Service Cloud Intelligence Engine that fuels better customer service with data analytics.

The new Salesforce Service Cloud Intelligence Engine will utilize data to fuel the industry’s smartest customer service.

The price of Service Cloud is $135 per user, per month. The price of Service Cloud Intelligence Engine will be announced later.

Salesforce SOS for Apps is currently in private beta and pricing will be announced at the time of availability.

The company said its Intelligent Business Processes dynamically assign cases to agents based on skill set, case history, presence or communication channel — email, web, phone, video chat or SMS. The Intelligence Engine can trigger any business process, such as escalating cases beyond the support department to sales or marketing.

This apart, Intelligent Workload Management automatically distribute and manage agent workload to respond to the unpredictable demands of omni-channel support. For instance, Intelligent Workload Management will automatically distribute cases to agents based on their expertise to handle specific types of cases, as well as their caseload, to maximize their productivity.

Salesforce Cloud

Utilizing Seamless Omni-Channel Customer View, enterprise customers can start a conversation on one channel and seamlessly transition to another without having to continuously identify themselves, rehash the problem or bring a new agent up to speed.

Eurostar is building the next generation of travel that is personal and seamlessly connected across any channel including the web, on email, phone, mobile, social media.

Companies such as Activision, Eurostar and HP are using Service Cloud to connect with their customers.

Antoine de Kerviler, CIO of Eurostar, said: “By standardizing the entire customer service platform on Salesforce, Eurostar is able to deliver a single view of customers so agents can deliver exceptional service at every turn.”

Some companies that have deployed Service Cloud have seen an average of 42 percent faster case resolution, 40 percent decrease in support costs, an average of 40 percent increase in agent productivity and an average of 40 percent increase in customer satisfaction.

Shilpa Khatri
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