Sage North America announces cloud strategies for SMB market

Infotech Lead America: Sage North America has announced its three-pronged cloud strategies for SMB market.


Sage North America CEO Pascal Houillon and CTO Himanshu Palsule unveiled details of the company’s strategy to help small and midsized businesses (SMBs) in North America take advantage of mobile devices and the cloud to manage their business processes.


Sage has more than 3 million customers in North America and more than 6 million customers worldwide.


“Mobile and cloud computing have become driving forces for efficiency among small and midsized businesses,” said Houillon.


A recent survey of SMB owners showed that 36 percent of them now use tablets or cloud computing, up from just 14 percent a year ago. A third of them use both. These early adopters stay connected longer to their business and in more ways. They are also more successful and faster growing.


The company’s three-pronged strategy is aimed at a specific segment of the SMB market, and each supporting mobile access.


The company launched Sage One, a multitenant SaaS solution for small businesses with up to nine employees, in the U.S. this May. The company also announced upcoming features that will be deployed to customers as they are completed, including banking integration, mobile capabilities and online invoice payment.


Sage Construction Anywhere, built on Azure, is already in the market, having launched in North America this May. The company also announced that Sage 300 ERP 2012 will ship this quarter and will include enhanced usability features, such as Sage Advisor and Visual Processes, as well as connected services for mobile access to the ERP system.


The Sage ERP X3 platform, code-named Syracuse, will be delivered in North America in 2013. The company also announced the release of the newest edition of Sage ERP X3, version 6.5, which offers integration with Sage SalesLogix and various connected services, to begin shipping in October, including the availability for the first time of subscription pricing.


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