Regency Centers deploys Intermedia to better biz growth

Intermedia Private Cloud enables Regency Centers to integrate and customize existing business applications to help scale their business as they grow.

Intermedia allowed Regency Centers to integrate Hosted Exchange with its existing business applications.

Regency Centers integrated Hosted Exchange with its existing business applications with the help of the agents which run on the Exchange server and a VPN tunnel connecting to the software applications running either in a third-party cloud or at Regency’s data center.

The company said, employees can also access enhanced Outlook Web Access console and boost efficiency as the company upgrade to Exchange 2010.

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While increasing business productivity, Regency employees can respond to customer inquiries and requests in a timely and efficient manner.

According to the company, provisioning Intermedia’s Private Cloud was quick and seamless and took 30 days from start to finish, including platform configuration, testing and the two-day mailbox migration.

“Intermedia Private Cloud gave us the best of both worlds.  We get the control and flexibility of a dedicated environment that integrates with Hosted Exchange and is tailor-made to address our IT specific needs,” said Dale Johnston, chief information officer at Regency Centers.

Shilpa Khatri

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