Rackspace assists Ugam to achieve 20% raise in productivity, 40% cut in costs

Rackspace today said managed analytics company Ugam has improved productivity by 20 percent and cut costs by 40 percent by using Rackspace cloud solutions.

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Ugam has selected Rackspace Cloud servers to assist in managing business challenges created by complex workloads and seasonal workload spikes. The client will benefit from reduced IT costs as well, said Rackspace.

“We wanted a solution that allowed us to pay for service and support only when we needed it, enabling us to save on budget and management resources when things slowed down,” said Sridhar Sharma, chief technology officer for Ugam.


Rackspace proactively monitors Ugam’s infrastructure, which is backed up by Fanatical Support, and keeps Ugam informed about the health of all mission-critical nodes. Rackspace also eliminates any negative performance issues that could impact its customers.

This apart, Rackspace dedicated infrastructure accommodates seasonal spikes in workload, without compromising performance.

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