Orange Business cloud powers 3M host medical applications

3M has tapped Orange Business Services cloud platform to host its medical applications and patient information.

Orange Business Services will support 3M for the launch of the 3M True Definition Scanner, a digital scanner developed by 3M’s Oral Care Business Unit.

3M  True Definition Scanner, an intra-oral digital camera, provides accurate digital scans and handles secure data transmission to production centers where prosthetic and orthodontic works or moldings are produced via 3D printers.

Orange Flexible Computing Healthcare solution enabled 3M to implement a solution complying with the legal needs of the French Ministry of Health that demands that the data should be hosted by an organization approved by the Ministry of Health.


“As a major player on this market, 3M must comply with legal frameworks to offer to its customers improved security levels and ease of use. In addition, the protection of health data is a sensitive issue, and that’s why 3M wished to partner with a globally recognized partner,” said Karim Mansour, general manager of Health Markets, 3M France.

This apart, 3M wanted to implement a flexible infrastructure to deploy its solutions in its various European subsidiaries.

“With Flexible Computing Healthcare, we support the introduction of the new 3M e-health platform and actively contribute to its integration to a connected market. We are particularly proud of this collaboration with 3M, which comes at an important time in their history,” said Thierry Zylberberg, vice president of Orange Healthcare.

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