Oracle delivers capabilities for marketers to enhance customer experience

Oracle has announced new capabilities to help marketers unlock the value of marketing data, to enhance the customer experience across digital channels and to deliver more relevant customer experiences across channels.

Oracle has announced two new capabilities within Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Data Management Platform (DMP) to enable marketers to maximize data from marketing automation and web analytics platforms.

The two capabilities are Lookalike Modeling for Cross-Channel Marketing Automation customers and OnDemand On-Board.

Marketers can make web analytics data more actionable by allowing them to import data from their web analytics platforms and surface it as audience data within the Oracle Data Management Platform With the new OnDemand On-Board capabilities.

The Oracle Data Management Platform makes it simple for Oracle Cross-Channel Marketing customers to transfer audience data into the Oracle Data Management Platform with the new Lookalike Modeling capabilities

Oracle has also announced the integration of Oracle’s Marketing Cloud’s cross channel marketing solution with Oracle Commerce and Oracle WebCenter to increase efficiencies, drive revenues and orchestrate personalized customer experience.


The integrations between marketing, web and commerce solutions enable marketers to create consisting messaging and branding.

Company said, with this new integration marketers can now meet the demand boardroom as well as customer by enhancing customer experience and side by side delivers higher conversion rates, average order values, revenue and margins.

Oracle has also extended the Oracle Marketing Cloud by adding new innovations, Oracle ID Graph, Rapid Retargeter and AppCloud Connect.

The latest innovations help marketers in targeting their ideal customers, adapt to real time behavior and leverage innovations in marketing ecosystem.

According to a recent study 85 percent of chief marketing officers (CMOs) find challenging to leverage data from multiple sources while 12 percent believe their marketing is agile to drive business results.

Oracle ID Graph pulls many IDs across marketing channels and devices and enables marketers to tie their interactions to an actionable customer profile.

The marketers can adapt to customer interactions and then deliver the most relevant and timely message with the Rapid Retargeter.

The new feature AppCloud Connect has the ability to connect data, apps and media which allows the marketers to take the advantage of the current marketing technology being used.

Shilpa Khatri
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