North American businesses grab top position in cloud adoption

North American businesses are cloud enthusiasts, says a new study conducted by NTT Com Security.

The study finds that 87 percent of North American organizations surveyed have already moved, or are looking to move, the majority of their data and services into the cloud within the next two years. The corresponding figures in Asia and Europe are 68 percent and 60 percent respectively.

Regions with lowest cloud adoption include Japan (54 percent) and the Nordics (34 percent).

North American businesses are ahead of others in experimenting technology innovations, with 59 percent of North American businesses stating they actively experiment with emerging technologies, followed by Singapore (41 percent), Japan (26 percent), Germany (21 percent) and the UK (20 percent).

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Businesses in North America and Asia score ahead of others in their commitment to cloud related spend, with 32 percent of IT budget dedicated to cloud technology. Europeans lag behind with an average 24 percent of IT budget dedicated to cloud.

Also, 45 percent of North American firms agreed cloud is critical for their business, compared with 32 percent in Singapore, 29 percent in Germany and just nine percent in the UK.

While analyzing the question what is driving North American cloud adoption, the survey found that US and Canadian organizations are driven primarily by cost (63 percent), followed by business agility and flexibility (52 percent), availability of in-house skills (47 percent), competitiveness (39 percent) and client retention (38 percent).

The general attributes favoring cloud adoption is cost reduction (50 percent in Europe and 54 percent in Asia), followed by availability of skills (27 percent in Europe, 20 percent in Asia) and finally speed-to-market (26 percent in Asia and 22 percent of European organizations).

Based on the level of enthusiasm for cloud computing and maturity of adoption, organizations can be fitted into five cloud personas. They range from Embracers (very active in new technologies for over three years) to ‘Controllers’ (characterized by their lack of cloud deployments) with Accepters, Experimenters and Believers in between.

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