NetApp unveils new cloud strategy to bridge public and private cloud

NetApp announced strategies to deliver seamless cloud data management across any private and public cloud resources.

The company’s strategy is to use its storage operating system, Data ONTAP, as a universal data platform across cloud environments. The OS will enable dynamic data portability across all clouds and will support extensive customer choice for application, technology, and cloud partner options, NetApp said.

Data ONTAP currently is used by more than 175 cloud service providers.

Jay Kidd, senior vice president and chief technology officer, NetApp, said, “The introduction of new multi-cloud architectures makes data governance more complex because data is distributed, and not under direct control.”

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Public cloud computing is driving the dramatic shift in It. Organizations look to integrate public cloud services to offer predictable costs, faster provisioning, and infinite scale. They turn to hybrid cloud services to optimize costs, seize opportunities, and mitigate risks.

NetApp supports this trend by allowing data to travel across multiple clouds seamlessly while also providing IT with the necessary control to manage, govern, and transport data across discrete cloud resources.

The universal data platform based on NetApp Data ONTAP removes the control challenges of managing discrete cloud resources. NetApp will further integrate its software into existing and forthcoming private cloud, large-scale public cloud, and hyperscale cloud service provider solutions, so organizations can optimize IT delivery and harness the benefits of public cloud.

NetApp and its global partners, in the coming months, will also announce new solutions that accelerate the transition to hybrid cloud architectures. These announcements will include deeper integrations for business applications in the cloud, new converged infrastructure reference architectures, secure cloud backup, and disaster recovery solutions, NetApp said.

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