Microsoft to Offer AMD AI Chips, Unveils Cobalt 100 Processors at Build Conference

Microsoft has revealed that it will launch several innovations at the Build developer conference next week.
Microsoft storesMicrosoft will be offering cloud computing customers with a new platform featuring AMD’s artificial intelligence chips, positioning them as competitors to Nvidia’s dominant GPUs. Detailed information about this initiative will be shared at the Build developer conference next week.

Microsoft is the second largest Cloud service provider.

The tech giant will also launch a preview of its new custom Cobalt 100 processors during the conference. Microsoft’s Azure cloud service will integrate clusters of AMD’s MI300X AI chips, offering an alternative to Nvidia’s high-demand H100 GPUs, which currently lead the data center AI chip market, Reuters news report said.

AI model training and application operations often require the use of multiple GPUs due to the extensive data and computational needs. AMD recently projected that it will generate $4 billion in AI chip revenue this year. AMD claims that its MI300X chips are powerful tools for managing large AI models.

In addition to Nvidia’s top-tier AI chips, Microsoft’s cloud computing unit already provides access to its proprietary AI chips, known as Maia.

The forthcoming Cobalt 100 processors promise a 40 percent performance boost over other Arm-based processors, according to Microsoft. These chips, introduced last November, are currently being tested to support Microsoft Teams, the company’s business messaging tool. They aim to compete with Amazon’s in-house Graviton CPUs and are already being adopted by companies like Snowflake.

AMD recently said it now powers 157 supercomputers on the latest Top500 list, a 29 percent increase from the previous year, and 157 systems on the Green500 list of the most efficient supercomputers in the world.

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